What is Chelo?


Chelo is a digital management and crowd-funding platform where institutions of education can connect with the members of society who share the desire to improve the overall learning experience.

Schools on the platform will create simple yet adequately detailed projects that will give funders sufficient information, while making it easy for them to contribute funds at the press of a button. Chelo provides a feedback loop to the entire community to follow the progression and lifecycle of the project.

The projects cover the entire schooling spectrum, ranging from infrastructure to schooling activities. Contributing as an Alumni or any other funder, you create a positive ripple effect within society.


"Schools will begin to see their current students as more than just current and past learners, but as their future builders. That aspect alone should influence schooling culture positively" ~ Anonymous

Chelo is open to everyone around the world who wants to have a hand in creating positive change. The ecosystem created by Chelo promotes progress and continuity for all educational institutions, being more beneficial for schools in disadvantaged communities.

It advocates for togetherness/Ubuntu. The concept that working together we can do more, is one of the key drivers. Additionally, through the report system of the platform, the network is assured that all the funds will be accounted for.




  • To establish a network through which communities can build themselves and each other.
  • To help maintain and further propel already developed educational institutions.
  • To establish quality and educational infrastructure for previously disadvantaged and developing areas.
  • To encourage a culture of accountability

To create a world where every child has equal quality, well-rounded and comprehensive education.

Our systems are structured to create an environment which will achieve and uphold our values and objectives:

Accountability: To provide the comfort of knowing where your contributions are going and how they are being utilised, institutions registered with us are required to provide detailed information and progress reports throughout the life cycle of their projects. Our platform provides transparency between you and the institution you are supporting.

Convenience: Chelo provides the convenience of placing a collection of various initiatives at your fingertips. Payments are also seamlessly digital.

Security: We put effort in making sure that all schools are verified. The renowned payment gateway we use guarantees secure payment.

Education: Being the pillar of society, we hold education near and dear, and because we understand the role it plays in the development of our communities, we advocate for quality education for all.

Continuity: In the words of the English playwright John Heywood, “Rome was not built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.” Propelled by the spirit of Ubuntu, we encourage Alumni and corporates to be active ambassadors and philanthropist of the schools and communities where they come from, and therefore ensure intergenerational solidarity continue to build perpetual development.

Impact: By accessing a larger scale of funders we can minimise the amount each funder can donate to a project/school, while the act of giving creates ample opportunity that would have not been accessible.


Our story begins in 2017 on Matlala Road in Mashashane, Vaalkop with a routine visit to a former high school, PAX Secondary School. A fundraising initiative at the school to repair the pavements not only warmed our hearts but reminded us that there are people with both the desire and the means to improve the deteriorating conditions of their previous places of learning.

Without being physically at the school  we would not have known about the intiative and that realisation inspired the birth of Chelo. A group of individuals passionate about enhancing schooling experience came together to design and build a platform to encourage like-minded individuals to easily find projects and collectively contribute.

Our name is derived from a Sepedi term “Tšhela”/Chela. Together, re tšhela ka mo sekhwameng to help the school (we pour into the fund to help the school).